The Purpose of a Book is To Be Read, Not To Be Displayed.

Weeks ago, an Indonesian publisher posted something that ignited the annoyance of the bookstagram community. It’s a reminder that “the purpose of a book is to be read, not to be displayed”.

Now, I don't blame anyone who displays books, especially if they are a book collector. Collecting different kinds of books and putting them on the shelf as the personal collection is amazing and I am amazed by those people who are extremely dedicated to something they love. They surely take care of their collection and respect every book with all their heart. And of course, they surely already know the content of that book and love it.

I believe that the previous statement addressed a person who buys a book, but never reads it and just places it on the bookshelf for fun or to show others as if they are smart and read a lot but the reality is not like that. This action shows no respect to books.

I'm not the type of person who owns too many versions of books. I always think that books have souls and they will die if I never read them. Once again, I appreciate book collectors and never wanted to critique the source of their happiness.

My problem is, the bookstagram community overreacts to this statement.

Okay, people might kill me if they read this. So I better run away to another realm when this article is posted.

I realize that there's some kind of misunderstanding between the statement "the purpose of a book is to be read, not to be displayed" and the bookstagram community. They thought this statement was made to attack their hobby. For me, that statement is just a reminder to read, rather than forgetting the book that you've already bought and spending time doing other unbeneficial activities.

One thing that hurt me the most is, one bookstagram wrote, "Well, if you don't want us to display the book, then we can just buy ebooks so no one will buy a physical copy again."

Damn. I’m sure you don’t need to go that far. It’s too harsh and shows how shallow your thinking skill is. I mean, it’s only a simple thing, and why make such a big fuss about it? We can prove to others the beauty of collecting books rather than making such a childish statement.

Nevertheless, I'm only a teenager who has my thoughts. As someone who also has plenty of unread books, the statement can be used as a remembrance to myself that my book needs love, and the way I can express it is by reading them. There's no need for any hard feelings. If you love collecting, then just collect. As long as you honor the books, then there's no problem with it.

The conclusion is, calm the f down and just chill. Don't let others think that the bookstagram community is a bunch of short-tempered people who are easily offended. We are more than that. We spread love and respect toward books to everyone around the world.

Thanks for reading. If you are a bookstagram who know this problem and know me, please don’t attack me.



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